There are many reasons why you may have overpaid Stamp Duty on your home. Perhaps it contains an annexe or land attached, beyond simple gardens. Maybe it has a commercial element to it.

These and many other elements can serve to ‘confuse’ the Stamp Duty Calculator provided by HMRC and used by solicitors because it operates very narrowly and unless your solicitor is a tax expert up to date with every single relief, how it operates and when it may or may not be applicable, then they will not calculate it correctly.

We have obtained refunds for clients on missed reliefs such as Mulple Dwellings Relief (MDR) as well as Mixed-Use and others. These can amount to thousands of pounds in overpaid Stamp Duty, and can be life-changing sums for the average homeowner, allowing for a new kitchen, renovaons, a holiday or even further property investment or a new home. Our property tax advice can provide the freedom to make choices which might otherwise remain financially out of reach. We have reclaimed over £15 million in the last 12 months from HMRC.

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