SDLT Refunds is the UK’s leading Stamp Duty Refund service and a division of Cornerstone Tax.

Cornerstone Tax has gone from a small boutique tax firm specialising in advice on one area of tax law to being a nationally recognised authority on all matters relating to Stamp Duty Land Tax.

Thousands of clients have benefited from our expertise and advice. We have also provided training for conveyancing solicitors in recognising and facing the challenges posed to their profession by the ever-evolving legislative landscape around Stamp Duty Land Tax, been consulted by accountants, financial advisers and solicitors, and provided opinions to both the specialist property press and wider media on Stamp Duty Matters.

We set up the SDLT Refunds brand when the sheer scale of the issue with regards to incorrectly paid Stamp Duty became clear, coupled to the number of ‘fly by night’ firms which were being set up claiming to help clients recover overpaid tax. We took the view that, like any other tax, Stamp Duty required specialised auditors who could speak to a client’s position from a place of authority and expertise. We also wanted to inject the Cornerstone brand of no-nonsense, no fuss advice into the service, ensuring that when you deal with us, you get the answer you need quickly and easily.

Our team comprises Property Tax Specialists with many years’ experience in the industry, tax technicians, former property lawyers, accountants,, and financial advisers. The breadth and diversity of expertise we employ ensures that we are equipped to deal with all clients from all backgrounds on all matters.

We look forward to working with you.

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Whatever the nature of your property purchase, we’ve made it quick and easy to see if you are eligible for a Stamp Duty Land Tax refund from HMRC, if you have purchased U.K. property.

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