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A common investment strategy since the introduction of Small Self Administered Scheme and Self Invested Personal Pensions (SSAS and SIPP respectively) has been for business owners to transfer their commercial premises into the pension. This is tax efficient, leaving the pension with an appreciating asset as well as rental income from the business to grow its investment over time.

However, it has come to our attention that solicitors and pension advisers acting for clients engaging in these transfers have been mis-advising their clients that Stamp Duty is due on the transfer as a matter of course. In fact, in many cases, no Stamp Duty is due at all, and according to our rough projections this means that there are billions of pounds in wrongly paid Stamp Duty due to these transfers stretching back over a decade.

We have already begun advising clients who have made such payments, and have recovered significant sums on their behalf, averaging at around £12,000 per reclaim to date. These kinds of transfers have been used by all sizes of business from simple corner shop through to major law firms, and the potential for reclaims throughout the industry is massive indeed.

Our advisers will be able to assist you in determining whether you are due a refund, and in claiming any due monies from HMRC.

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