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£10bn in UK stamp duty ‘may have been overpaid’

Brian Donnelly, The Herald, 17th July 2020

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"Homebuyers may be owed up to £2 billion in tax because the government's online calculator is getting its sums wrong. The tool, provided by HMRC, fails to to factor in stamp duty discounts worth thousands of pounds."

The Times, 31st March 2018

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"The software on the HMRC website reportedly does not take account of factors such as farmland or a 'granny annexe' which can lead to discounts in stamp duty. The problem has arisen because the calculator does not distinguish between homes and mixed-used properties."

Tim Stickings, Mail Online, 31st March 2018

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"Solicitors complained they frequently used the calculator because the taxman was treating them like accountants, relying on expertise they did not have. They write to HMRC for guidance but we're finding a long turnaround time, often 28 days."

Carly Read, Express, 31st March 2018

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It’s common practice for business owners to transfer their commercial premises into their pension scheme, giving a boost to their pension pot and allowing the rental payments for the premises to add tax free monthly contributions to their retirement plans. If you’ve made such a transfer in the last 16 years, then you are probably affected.

It’s also common practice for pension trustees and legal advisors to advise clients who make such a transfer to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on the ‘transaction’. This assumption is based on a flawed understanding of the legislation surrounding these transfers. An assumption that’s been perpetuated throughout the industry for over a decade.

We have instructed one of the leading barristers in the country to assess our findings, and he is in complete agreement with our analysis. We have already made several claims against recent historical transfers of this type and had the clients fully compensated for their losses by HMRC.
We have also undertaken extensive market research taking in some of the country’s largest and most prestigious financial and legal advisors on pension matters. To date, not one of them has given us the correct answer with regards to this issue.

Based on our assessments of the market and estimates of the number of these transfers undertaken, we conservatively estimate that the average size of the loss to individuals is up to £18,000. Some may be down by much more – anywhere up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. This is before factors like interest are taken into account, especially for those who may have made these transfers up to 16 years ago.

We operate on a no win no fee basis. Our initial assessment of your situation is completely free, and if we establish an entitlement to claim, we will agree a fully transparent, one-off fee structure with you. No hidden costs. No additional bells and whistles.

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