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We’ve made it quick and easy to see if you are eligible for a Stamp Duty Land Tax refund from HMRC, if you have purchased U.K property in the last 4 years.

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Why might I have overpaid on Stamp Duty in the first place?

Simply put, Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a tax which is not widely understood. When paying Stamp Duty, many people refer to their solicitors to find out how much Stamp Duty they owe. The solicitor will in turn refer to HMRC’s very own Stamp Duty Calculator to find the amount owed, which is very often incorrect as it does not take into account factors such as multiple dwellings relief and property in commercial use.

There are over 40 applicable reliefs in the Stamp Duty legislation, many of which are often missed by solicitors and conveyancers.

HMRC’s Stamp Duty Calculator is – by their own admission – merely a ‘guide’ on how much you should have to pay.

Press features

Tax Changes

Legislation governing SDLT has been subject to multiple alterations, most recently in November 2018. These changes are made when governments wish to make a change of policy or to somehow affect the movement of the property market, such as 2016’s 3% ‘surcharge’ on additional residential properties, designed to reduce the number of BTL purchasers and free up smaller properties for first-time buyers.

As a result, Stamp Duty is constantly changing, and solicitors and conveyancers are not tax experts. We are.

HMRC Calculator

There are serious shortcomings in the HMRC SDLT calculator, which is not designed with anything beyond the very basic transaction in mind. It is a simple, functional tool, designed to give estimates based on very narrow criteria. Without the correct input, it is prone to give wrong answers, and with the complexity of Stamp Duty and the lack of understanding of its various facets, that input is often lacking.

HMRC themselves have admitted to a national newspaper that the calculator is there to serve as ‘merely a guide’.

Solicitors unsupported

Conveyancing solicitors are seldom tax specialists, yet they are expected to deal with what is a self-assessment tax return for every client in the form of their SDLT Return. This involves them calculating the correct amount of tax on the client’s behalf, and completing a complex, lengthy return for the client to sign.

With a faulty calculator, very little in the way of proactive education by HMRC on changes made to the legislation and telephone and written support which can often take a month or longer to provide answers.

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What our clients say

We have gained our clients over £12million in the last 12 months on overpaid Stamp Duty.

SDLT success

I only contacted Cornerstone aer I had bought a mixed use property. They reacted swily, requested informaon and processed it at speed. The SDLT return was submied within the 14 days at a level of only just over 50% of that which my solicitor, who had recommended taking specialist advice, was intending to submit absent such advice. The service was friendly and efficient.

Mark Jackson-Stops

SDLT advice

We approached Nita Patel for some advice about our individual circumstances regarding purchase of a new property. Nita was very prompt in all her responses. She was paent when we asked many quesons and reexplained her advice in a way that was easy to understand. 100% recommend her services!

Aar Makan

SDLT overpayment returned

I contacted Cornerstone for advise aer reading an arcle they had wrien regarding how oen SDLT overpayments occur. They confirmed I had paid too much and gave me instrucons on how I could get this redressed.

Mark Crooks

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