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If you bought a house or other property in the last four years then you may have overpaid your Stamp Duty Land Tax and be entitled to a refund from HMRC. SDLT Refunds will work with you to quickly establish whether a claim exists, and then make that claim on your behalf quickly and easily. No fuss. No complicated processes. No hidden fees. If there’s a claim, we’ll find it. It really is that simple.

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Bought a new home? Invested in a residential block? Purchased land for development? Whatever the nature of your purchase and property, click here to submit some brief details and find out within 24 hours whether a refund could soon be heading your way from HMRC.

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Why are you overpaying?

Simply put, SDLT is a tax that nobody treats like a tax. Taxpayers tend to defer to their solicitors, who tend to defer to HMRC’s own online calculator as a quick and easy way to calculate the liability. That calculator – intended by HMRC as ‘a guide’ – lacks the capacity to correctly assess anything other than the most straightforward purchase.

Only the advice of an Experienced and Qualified Stamp Duty Specialist can ensure that the correct amount of SDLT is paid, but as most people don’t fully appreciate that SDLT is a self-assessed tax, this sort of advice is seldom sought.

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Tax changes

Legislation governing SDLT has been subject to multiple alterations, most recently in July 2016. It’s full of exceptions, exemptions and reliefs covering the vast variety of property, and very few of these are made clear to property professionals, let alone the general public.

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HMRC calculator

There are serious shortcomings in the HMRC SDLT tax calculator, which is not designed with the various nuances of the property tax system beyond the very basics in mind. Yet the buyers and their solicitors frequently rely on it. HMRC themselves have recently admitted it is there to serve as a ‘mere guide’.

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Solicitors unsupported

Solicitors, lawyers and agents are not tax specialists, and yet are liable in cases where they have made incorrect assumptions regarding a property which lead to incorrect payments being made.

In the news

More and more articles are appearing in the press reporting the complexities of SDLT and the frequency of incorrect payments being made.

“Homebuyers may be owed up to £2 billion in tax because the government’s online calculator is getting its sums wrong. The tool, provided by HMRC, fails to to factor in stamp duty discounts worth thousands of pounds.”

The Times, 31st March 2018

“Solicitors complained they frequently used the calculator because the taxman was treating them like accountants, relying on expertise they did not have. They write to HMRC for guidance but we’re finding a long turnaround time, often 28 days.”

Carly Read, Express, 31st March 2018

“The software on the HMRC website reportedly does not take account of factors such as farmland or a ‘granny annexe’ which can lead to discounts in stamp duty. The problem has arisen because the calculator does not distinguish between homes and mixed-used properties.”

Tim Stickings, Mail Online, 31st March 2018

“Properties can be transferred into private pension arrangements but Cornerstone has identified an industry-wide error with this which means that, according to their analysis, more than 120,000 people may be owed compensation of up to £80,000.”

Connor Coombe-Whitlock, 5th August 2020

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We work with individual homebuyers and their solicitors and accountants nationwide to ensure that the correct SDLT amounts are paid on their purchases.

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SDLT Refunds, a division of Cornerstone, is one of the leading and fastest growing UK tax advisory firms. With offices in Leicestershire, London and a team of more than 30 consultants and administrative staff, SDLT Refunds is able to offer expert and professional advice covering real estate, wealth and business.

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