12 years of continuous excellence

Founded on over 100 years experience


SDLT Refunds is a division of Cornerstone Tax. Cornerstone has emerged as the leading authority in SDLT & related property taxes, powering solutions for clients and property professionals. Our international reputation for quality, concise advice which can be trusted is second to none.

Powered by more than a century of collective expertise in UK tax advice, Cornerstone’s capability to deliver focused, measured and efficient outcomes for a diverse range of clients is unmatched in the UK.

In over a decade of working in the UK and around the world, Cornerstone has gone from strength to strength, helping thousands of clients achieve their goals with clear, succinct advice that neither patronises nor assumes knowledge. Every one of our clients is a valued individual, and every piece of advice and planning that we undertake is done based on the very specific and particular circumstances of that individual.

With a wealth of experience in Middle Eastern markets, and our current expansion into the Asian markets as well, Cornerstone is a firm with a truly global vision and focus. We believe that borders are for countries, not for your ambitions.

Our Divisions

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Real Estate

Whether it’s pre-transaction advice, obtaining a refund for overpaid SDLT or a detailed consultation on the most appropriate way of structuring a purchase, Cornerstone are able to help. Think you’ve overpaid SDLT on your property purchase? Visit sdltrefunds.ctatax.uk.com

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With the myriad of rules and regulations surrounding inheritance and estates, plus the extreme complexity of the tax laws of the UK, it can be all but impossible to know what one will have to pass on, let alone how much of it may be left once the formalities are dealt with.

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Most businesses can improve efficiency simply by paying proper attention to taxation and how it affects them. Providing advice on anything from individual transactions to entire corporate structures, Cornerstone can help you fine tune your business and maximise its efficiency.


12 years of continuous excellence

Founded on over 100 years experience

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